10 February, 2017

Long overdue update:

November 21, 2016 saw the cassette release of Moss Upon The Skull - The Scourge of Ages in an edition of 200 copies.

Erraunt's debut, The Portent is being pressed on 12" vinyl and is expected to be released sometime this April.

I am pleased to welcome Kav to the PHR hive. Their EP, Chattering Medicine will be released on casette toward the end of this month or early March. There will be two editions released simultaneously, the more limited of the two to be housed in handmade boxes, which I am currently in the process of constructing.

PHR014 :: Vpaahsalbrox - 14 Sovereign 12" LP
PHR015 :: Hellgoat - Eden in Flames 7" EP

01 October, 2016


PHR014 :: Vpaahsalbrox - 14 Sovereign 12" LP
PHR015 :: Hellgoat - Eden in Flames 7" EP

13 June, 2016

Hellgoat shirt now available!

18 April, 2016

As those of keen observation and memory will have noticed, I tend to tear down and rebuild the website every so often for one reason or another, usually pertaining to some facet functioning in an unintended manner given my lack of expertise and interest in fully learning how to code for the design I have in mind. Call me lazy and cheap: I call it having control issues and a sense of urgency.

So here, then, is the 6th iteration to come rising from ashes of that which you probably didn't recognize as burnt, and is the version on which I've spent the most time and am correspondingly the most pleased with an apology to myself, perhaps, for leaving that green insult up for the past year. I still haven't sold my soul to Joomla or Wordpress for a responsive main page nor do I have plans on negotiating terms for its release from the custody of Satan; frankly, I'm okay with not pandering to that convenience for the errant visitor: the Webstore, Bandcamp, and Facebook pages all sufficiently fill that gap. I may add a mobile-friendly format at some indeterminate point in the future but at present I am content with redirecting phone-based browsers to the Webstore; noone reads this stuff anyway since it involves exactly no opportunity for social posturing via bandwagoning onto some inflammatory opinion for or against some stupid topic of bacchanalian importance within the crags of some social media vomit trough. I digress...

In other news, information on PHR014 will soon be ready for official announcement.